Refrigeration Services: Chillers, Freezers & Cold Rooms

No matter what kind of refrigeration service you require, ACE services can help. We offer a comprehensive refrigeration service that covers industrial, commercial and domestic refrigeration units.

Chillers & Freezers

Food service businesses need to meet the demands of their customers as well as comply with food safety legislation. The summer months can leave many of these businesses vulnerable to freezer breakdowns. Our wide selection of blast chillers & freezers are made by quality manufacturers including Whirlpool, Manitowoc, Gamko and Infrico. These reliable products can handle the refrigeration demands of hot summer months, ensuring the quality of the food products contained within.

Customers who choose ACE Services for their cooling solutions and maintenance services benefit from high reliability and the latest technology. We pride ourselves on providing the best service, backed by years of practical expertise. To learn more about the refrigeration services we offer, call us on 01296 428783.

Professional Installation and Maintenance of Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration systems are used by many types of organisations, including hospitals, schools, food service companies and hospitality businesses. High quality refrigeration solutions ensure that they can cater for their customers and meet food safety standards.

With this in mind, it is important for any business that relies on refrigeration to use the best quality equipment. It is also vital to use a reliable installation and maintenance service company to minimise the risk of problems such as breakdowns. These are particularly prevalent during the summer and can cause massive problems for businesses.

Using a professional refrigeration company like ACE Services gives you the peace of mind that comes with having a professionally installed, high quality refrigeration system and access to expert services.

How our professional refrigeration engineers can help

Using a professional, reputable refrigeration engineering company is beneficial in several ways:









  • Expert information and advice: With ACE Services, you can benefit from expert information and advice, before, during and after the installation. This will make it easier to select the right services for your business and familiarise yourself with the features of the different commercial and industrial refrigeration options available.
  • A choice of solutions: At ACE Services we can provide you with a wide choice of commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions to select from. This makes it far easier to find a solution that falls within your budget and will provide the necessary benefits for your business.
  • Professional installation: Having a poorly installed refrigeration system is the cause of a lot of common maintenance problems. With an experienced refrigeration company such as ours, you can rest assured that your system will be quickly, efficiently and professionally installed.
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance: In the event that you have any issues with your refrigeration system, you need to be able to call on professionals. With our certified engineers on hand, you can get any repairs or issues addressed and rectified as quickly as possible. Ongoing maintenance is also important to ensure that your refrigeration system works efficiently all year round. We can provide this service to minimise the risk of any problems arising.

Why use ACE Services?

When you choose ACE Services for your commercial or industrial refrigeration needs, you can benefit from expertise, experience and affordability. You can choose from a wide selection of high quality refrigeration solutions and services and access repairs and servicing whenever required.

With well over three decades in the industry, ACE Services is committed to providing great quality, excellent service, and expert advice. 

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