Air Conditioning Systems For Homes

Warm and cosy in the winter, cool and refreshing on a hot summer's day… shouldn't controlling the temperature of your home always be this easy?

With ACE Services it can be! We design, install, maintain and service a great range of energy-efficient air conditioning systems to keep your home environment comfortable whatever the season.

What Are The Benefits?

Complete temperature control (Click for more)

Warm up or cool down - fast and responsive systems to keep you at just the right temperature.

Easy to use (Click for more)

Designed for simple operation, we'll show you exactly how to use your new system to the best of its ability.

Quiet and unobtrusive (Click for more)

Concerned about noise? Our range of super quiet air conditioners keep noise to a minimum.

Energy efficient (Click for more)

Eco-friendly products to save you money - as well as protect the environment!

Safe installation (Click for more)

Installation is always carried out by one of our REFCOM registered engineers for guaranteed quality every time.

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The Commercial Air Conditioning Checklist

Need advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of your system? Our experts are here to help, call on:

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