Air Conditioning Company - Covering London & The Home Counties Including Oxford, Milton Keynes & Watford

Whatever the nature of your premises, ACE Services has an air conditioning solution for you. Our air conditioning systems offer efficiency and affordability, all while being easy on the environment.

Office Air Conditioning

The temperature of your office is everything! A hot and stuffy office environment can reduce employee productivity and make customers feel uncomfortable. However, our comprehensive range of office air conditioning solutions can ensure that your office is always at the right temperature. ACE Services offer a wide range of air conditioning products from some of the UK's leading manufacturers, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

Public Sector Air Conditioning

ACE Services is proud to work with councils of all sizes to help reduce carbon emissions and keep public sector buildings cool. Our public sector air conditioning options allow you to reduce your energy budget and meet the European Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings. We can also help you meet mandatory Government Buying Standards with all of the air conditioning products we sell.

Factory Air Conditioning

Heavily-insulated factory roofs certainly do help keep employees warm over the winter months. However, in summer when heat rises, that insulation prevents hot air from escaping. Instead, heat sits inside and can exceed the temperature outdoors by as much as 10 degrees. Our factory air conditioning units offer highly effective cooling, in fact our systems can even reduce internal temperatures by up to 16°C. The result is a healthier and more comfortable environment for employees.

Evaporative Cooling Systems

A poorly cooled factory or warehouse can feel more like a greenhouse during the summer months. High internal temperatures can affect stock quality, productivity and employee health. Our range of evaporative cooling systems take advantage of water’s natural properties to bring moisture in from outdoors to circulate and cool your facility.

Retail Air Conditioning

A cool retail environment can provide welcome respite from the heat outdoors, as well as encourage customers to complete their shopping. We offer a range of retail air conditioning solutions for your establishment. Installing a reliable air conditioning system can ensure your space is comfortable at any time of year, leaving you able to handle any unexpected temperature fluctuations.

Data Centre Cooling

As the volume of data continues to grow, so too does the demand on your data centre. Our data centre cooling solutions can ensure your servers are shielded from the devastating effects of overheating, and that your employees have a healthy and comfortable environment to work in. When it comes to your data centre, there’s no room for downtime. Global demand for data exchange continues to grow. In order to grow with it, your cooling system needs to be able to keep up. We offer a wide range of options for data centre cooling that can provide your facility with the precision cooling you need.

From our base in Aylesbury we cover London & The Home Counties, including Oxford, Milton Keynes and Watford. At ACE Services we are proud to offer our air conditioning solutions to facilities and businesses of all sizes. For more information, get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff by calling 01296 428783.

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